LATEST NEWS by Lucio, I3LDP, dated 2018-03-23:

Due to a health problem, which prevents Lucio I3LDP from moving for long
distances from Italy, in agreement with the Cuban friends of Santa Clara
Radio Club and with the National President of the FRC (Federacion
Radioaficionados Cuba), the expedition is postponed to the date of 17
january 2019 until 27 january 2019. The Cuban Ministry of
Telecommunications has confirmed the call T46MB for the only authorized
DXpedition to perform experiments via EME in Cuba, using digital modes and
frequencies and powers suitable for the purpose.
The period could have fallen in 2018, but risking being in the tropical
storms and tornadoes period, it was decided to opt for January 2019. In the
period chosen the degradation of the Moon will be optimal allowing to have
a QSO with Cuba to many stations, even with minimum equipment on all the
planned frequencies, even better this additional waiting time could be
sufficient to program also the use of 10GHz. We are looking for a mesh
dish, in petals, in order to be easily transported. We accept suggestions
or supply of equipment.
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Thanks ! For the Cuba New One, from 6m to 3cm, you just have to wait and
we'll satisfy you all.

73 de Verona DX Team
One of J52EME, J52HF, 3B9EME